about us

Learn about the work we do in bringing about the future of care for high needs, complex rangatahi. 

Ā mātou mahi

about us

Hapū Ora is a Kaupapa Māori, high needs youth (rangatahi) care service provider.
We live with rangatahi, caring for them.
The goal is to help rangatahi learn important life skills and feel a sense of belonging, before they return to whānau in a secure, safe whare (home).

Our Story

Restoring and reconnecting rangatahi to safe and secure whānau since the beginning.


Our achievements are rooted in the Hapū Ora approach. The Hapū Ora approach embodies “the way we live,” which is deeply influenced by our whakapapa and tikanga. 

Our guardians, or kaitiaki, bring expertise that has been refined through generations of practicing awhi (embrace), manaaki (nurture), and whanaungatanga (relationships) grounded in aroha (love).

Rangatahi, gain this ancestral and multi-generational wisdom. They are nurtured within the care of Hapū Ora, preparing them for the arrival of whānau to re-establish connections.


in order to view ourselves as successful, we have to be viewed from outsiders as an organisation that holds itself to a significantly higher standard. that way, we bring a better level of care to rangatahi and their whānau.

marsden hulme - chief executive

rangatahi journey

acceptance of referral

Oranga Tamariki engage Hapū Ora to care for rangatahi / tamariki. Our Intake team review and accept referral.

relevant information received

Hapū Ora intake team receive all relevant information regard the rangatahi / tamariki

assessment completed

Hapū Ora social workers complete rangatahi / tamariki assessment utilising received information and visits with rangatahi / tamariki.

care plan developed

From the assessment care plan developed and collaboration with the kaitiaki and rangatahi begin.

scheduled activities via care plan

In collaboration with the rangatahi / tamariki, kaitiaki and Hapū Ora social workers activities schedule prepared for delivery of care and building life skills.

demonstration of attained skills

Evidence of skills attained reported and demonstrated.


Transition phase in preparation for further exploration of rangatahi success. 

rangatahi celebration

Celebration of rangatahi next journey with review that Hapū Ora provided opportunity for a new future.

Learn our values

Whakamanawa: Empowerment

Empowering rangatahi to discover their strengths and potential.

Whakamanawa emphasises the act of uplifting and empowering young individuals, fostering a sense of self-worth and confidence. As a care service provider, this involves recognising and nurturing the unique abilities and qualities of each rangatahi.

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship

Acting as guardians, ensuring the well-being and development of rangatahi.

Kaitiakitanga speaks to the responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing the overall well-being of the youth. It involves a commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment that fosters growth and positive development.

Rangatiratanga: Leadership

Guiding and mentoring rangatahi towards leadership and self-determination.

Rangatiratanga emphasizes leadership and autonomy. In the context of youth care, it involves supporting rangatahi in taking charge of their lives, making positive choices, and becoming leaders in their own right.

Manaakitanga: Hospitality + Kindness

Extending kindness and care, creating a warm and welcoming space for rangatahi.

Manaakitanga revolves around the concept of hospitality and kindness. As a care service provider, this means creating an environment where rangatahi feel supported, valued, and cared for, promoting a sense of belonging and connection.


Learn how we live our promise of living the future of care.

“encourage the potential light that exists in all living things…”

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Marsden Hulme

Marsden’s career has taken him from working as a police officer in Auckland to senior leadership roles with Telstra Australia and US based companies including Sitel Corp, Cisco Systems and Vivint.

With a broad skill set, encompassing Operations, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Workforce Management and Contact Centre Operations, Marsden’s entrepreneurial ventures include consumer electronics, telecommunications and renewable energy.

Married for 30 years with four children, Marsden co-founded Hapū Ora with a vision to assist tamaiti in care in returning home to take their rightful position with safe and loving whanau.